Temple Traders and Profiteering Priests


Omega TimesPastor Brian Hay has created the Electronic Book entitled “Temple Traders and Profiteering Priests” which is available here as a free download.

All support files which Pastor Brian used are also available here as free downloads.

Please note that some of the large files may take a few minutes to download on a slow connection.

Communitarian Law, New World Order Enslavement  and the Sellout & Control of Humanity

PDF 13.23Mb
Supporting Documentation:
A Clinical disease: “Anti-Government” PDF 28.53Mb
APFN: A declassified CIA document PDF 43Kb
Biblical Worldview Ministries News Alert PDF 143Kb
Bush Letter of praise to Homosexual pastor PDF 42Kb
Bush sneaks National DNA DATABANK into existence PDF 24Kb
George Bush’s Noahide Laws PDF 304Kb
Conspiracy of Silence Reagan Bush and paedophilia PDF 202Kb
Counterfeit Jews NY Times PDF 25Kb
Dana Blessing a tiny miracle baby PDF 928Kb
Decapitation NOACHIDE comic strip PDF 1.72Mb
FEMA camps PDF 196Kb
Harvard Jewish professor argues for abolishing white race PDF 26Kb
Homosexual George Bush PDF 34Kb
Illuminati Defector: Rothschilds Rule with Druid Witches PDF 113Kb
Industrialized Civilisation Must Collapse  By Betty Freauf PDF 44Kb
Israeli takeover by Masons PDF 86Kb
Jews against Zionism PDF 83Kb
Kabbalistic Rabbis teach reincarnation PDF 108Kb
Kissinger to Serve As Papal Adviser PDF 44Kb
Masonic Line PDF 322Kb
Freenasons Control the Vatican PDF 102Kb
Mosquitoes deliver malaria PDF 21Kb
NGO Suggests Elderly Left to die in Swine Flu Pandemic PDF 14Kb
Noachide Law PDF 741Kb
Project for the New American Century PDF 47Kb
Secret US spontaneous human combustion beam tested PDF 39Kb
See and Hear GOD The Guardian PDF 17Kb
State Sanctioned Judaism Noachide law 102 PDF 273Kb
Tavistock Institute – Stanford & Kissinger PDF 87Kb
Temple Traders and Profiteering Priests PDF 28.53Mb
The Church and the IRS & Company Law PDF 38Kb
The Gannon Cannon PDF 153Kb
The Gravedigger File – Os Guinness PDF 1.10Mb
The Hidden History of Zionism – Ralph Schoenman PDF 750Kb
The Project for the New American Century PDF 39Kb
The Satanic Jew PDF 7.12Mb
The Talmud PDF 49Kb
US Railway Boxcar Prisons PDF 58Kb
Zionism – Henry Makow PDF 40Kb
Zionists Poisoned/Radiated 100,000 Sefardi Jewish Children PDF 50Kb
Biological agents used on citizens ASF 368Kb
Prescot Bush & Nazism ASF 371Kb
Rothchild’s Choice  – Obama and the Hidden Cabal Youtube 16.75Mb
2008 Slave World Youtube 23.98Mb
A Disturbing Truth about the Bush Family History Youtube 4.89Mb
Alan Keyes  Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist!!!! Youtube 3.49Mb
Born Again American Youtube 20.15Mb
Glenn Beck America is a Fascist State Youtube 9.36Mb
Gordon Brown New World Order Speech Youtube 4.96Mb
Historic Interview with Aaron Russo, Fighting Cancer and the New World Order Youtube 131.30Mb
Mass chipping in U.K. has begun Youtube 3.39Mb
Mass chipping of Americans has begun Youtube 15.43Mb
Project Camelot interviews Jane Burgermeister Youtube 24.25Mb
Run for your Life! ….Come out from among them! Youtube 6.88Mb
Satan Worship In America Youtube 7.26Mb
USA: A Police State WMV 7.24Mb
Anthony Lavey Interview 08-04-2005 Bushes Satanists MP3 4.56Mb
Benjamin Freedman Speech Part 1 MP3 6.47Mb
Benjamin Freedman Speech Part 2 MP3 6.14Mb
Benjamin Freedman Speech Part 3 MP3 7.769Mb
Bowman Star Wars head accuses Chaney MP3 20.97Mb
Constance Cumbey Part 1 MP3 7.75Mb
Constance Cumbey Part 2 MP3 9.07Mb
Daryl Bradford Smith & Rabbi Weiss on Exposes Zionism MP3 6.48Mb
David Bay MP3 13.88Mb
Tom Horn 12.02.06 MP3 7.26Mb

For more publications from Pastor Brian Hay, please see OmegaTimes.com

Link to The Omega Times website Pastor Brian Hay is a Director of Signpost Ministries International and of The Omega Times.   As a prophet and teacher, Pastor Brian ministers to the nations of the world as The LORD leads him.


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