2012: Cosmic, Social and Financial Cataclysm?


The Omga Times IconPastor Brian Hay of Omega Times has created the Electronic Book entitled “2012: Cosmic, Social and Financial Cataclysm?” which is available here as a free download.

All support files which Pastor Brian used are also available here as free downloads.

Please note that some of the large files may take a few seconds to download on a slow connection.

Gold Government or God: A covenant with Death PDF 11.20Mb
Supporting Documentation:
The Coming World Government Tragedy & Hope – Adrian Salbuchi PDF 874Kb
Pale Horse PDF 17.43Mb
Dutchsinse’s Channel – NILU YouTube
2012 Financial Meltdown  The men who crashed the world – video.  The Extinction Protocol. YouTube
If You Don’t Believe in UFOs  Watch This! – Recent Mass UFO Sightings 2011 YouTube
Jim Sinclair Interviewed by James Turk YouTube
NASA’S Bolden makes a strange speech YouTube
Pale Horse In Egypt Protests – Prophecy Fulfilled YouTube
Prophecy Fulfilled  “Nation will rise against nation.” Video  98.47Mb
Stansberry’s Investment Advisory YouTube
Stinging Global Financial Distress A Second level Coming YouTube
Trader on BBC  Goldman Sachs rules the world, millions to lose their savings in less than 12 months time! YouTube
7 Major Advance Warnings by Martin D. Weiss DOC 118Kb
14 Conspiracy Theories That The Media Now Admits Are Conspiracy Facts DOC 94Kb
Chinese Banks Face Crisis As Deposits Plunge DOC 26Kb
Copy of Masons Control the Vatican DOC 91Kb
David Wilkerson: massive earthquakes coming DOC 30Kb
French Leader Rushes To China DOC 98Kb
Global Meltdown: Investors Dumping Everything DOC 50Kb
Gulf of Mexico Sea Floor Unstable DOC 457Kb
Harvest failures world wide DOC 35Kb
Is There A Secret U.S. Space Navy? DOC 63Kb
Preparing for Economic Collapse DOC 82Kb
Rash of bank downgrades signals return to ‘danger zone:’ IMF DOC 27Kb
Real Estate Trouble From Florida to Shanghai by Justice Litle DOC 85Kb
Spiraling into Irrelevancy by Coach Dave Daubenmire DOC 34Kb
Terrorist who Trained London Bombers was Working for US Government  by Paul Joseph Watson DOC 60Kb
The Church of Silence DOC 28Kb
The Global Chessboard  by Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, US Army (Ret) DOC 75Kb
The National Inflation Association is pleased to announce its top 10 predictions for 2011 DOC 56Kb
These 90 Analysts Believe Gold Will Go to $5,000/ozt. – or More! DOC 53Kb
World Globalisation of the Banking and Regulatory Structure DOC 47Kb
Fukushima Is Horrifically Worse Than You Have Been Told DOC 244Kb


For more publications from Pastor Brian Hay, please see OmegaTimes.com


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