A “World Events” Prophetic Word

This Prophetic Word is published with the kind permission of
Jennifer Mars of Zion International Ministries.


The following are notes from Words given during prayer time with The LORD on November 19, 2015.  Some of the items below have already come to pass.

The United States of America:

Saw major aqueducts being attacked.

Arab Spring uprising.

Call for Jihad.

Saw attacks at New York City, Empire State Building, saw before Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty (seeing that again).

Saw headline news, “TERROR IN AMERICA’; not just one attack but simultaneous explosions around the USA in various places; car bombing in front of a Federal building.

Seeing Boston, MA and Philadelphia, PA, Seattle WA. (Space Station – Space Needle?)

USA Military presence.  National Guard being called into various cities and places.

Something with ‘Syrian & Bosnian Nationals’ they were highlighted to me.

Heard “White House Down” – I still believe Obama will allow them to take it while he is there.  Saw before him being taken 5-6 stories beneath the White House and speaking on TV.  They had a black pillow case over his head, ISIS flag flying at White House.  Michelle and the girls just happened to be away when it’s taken. I see US military taking days to get it back.

Saw America being like a war zone.  People afraid to come out of their houses.

Seeing mass suicides of groups and families.

Bio warfare in mutated viruses being released.  New strains that we don’t have treatment for.

Seeing attacks at White House, Capital, Pentagon, Federal Reserve.

Saw massacres in schools and universities, theaters, concerts, malls, large population venues.

Seeing a lot of assault weapons used.

Surveillance using drones and them used to detonate explosives and biological warfare over large crowds.  I saw one spraying something that melted skin like acid.

Saw “Anonymous” attacking Law Enforcement, Saw ISIS threat against Law Enforcement (Like these idots are in competition).  Saw more ambushes.

Saw more Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) deaths in line of duty.  Morale is low in Law Enforcement where many dread even going to work because of no governmental support.


Saw Ring of Fire, Pacific Rim, Pacific Coastline like a tsunami.  More tsunami’s near Philippines and nearby islands.

Saw San Andreas Fault – California splitting in two.

Seeing increased Volcanic activity (which is symbolic of Hell’s portals being opened up)
Also Scripture says the earth moans for the sin within it.  It is also representative of God’s wrath being unleashed.  Hell’s Cauldrons opened up, again symbolic of fire and brimstone.

Some Volcanoes have been dormant for centuries, saw some in mountainous regions where they were not to be known to exist there.  Saw many avalanches and mudslides.  Scripture says the mountains melt like wax at the presence of the Lord, (This is all setting the stage for His return).

Seeing deadly snow tornadoes and snow storms that carry deadly lighting.

Erratic weather patterns, people caught off guard.

Seeing strange migration patterns of migratory animals (Like they know something big is coming in the earth).

World Wide:

Saw U.N. Flags – Peace treaties broken.

Saw Iran arms trade deal-  ‘WMD’  Seeing them silent, but growing large, puffing up.  Saw them attack Israel.  Saw a nuke.

The Scripture that says, “When you see these things, flee to the mountains of Judea” (I need to look that up.)  [Luke 21:21 and Matthew 24:16]

Seeing collective effort from various Countries allying and attacking ISIS territories.

Saw friendly fire between two countries which started them fighting…

Saw Al-Qaeda putting a flag in the ground in Hawaii as if to claim the islands.

Seeing a missile intercept one of our shuttle launches…  Cape Canaveral?

Russian warships:  Seeing something with Naval bases in Florida being attacked?  Submarines, missiles.

A shaking of the nations, a turbulence and upheaval of nations.

North Korea vs South Korea.

Something with Japan.  Unrest/something.  I am seeing an attack, but unsure where or towards whom.

China continuing to build up their military.

Seeing Cuba coiling up to bite and attack US.A.  Seeing a button pushed and Gitanimo prison doors open.  ALL detainees released and saw them with weapons and machete’s – just killing sprees.

Seeing American Airlines flight go down.

Seeing World Wide “All Flights Cancelled.”  Saw terminals empty for days/ weeks.

Greater sophistication and technology used in bomb making and detonating devices.

Heard: Babylon the Great Whore Has Fallen (Revelations: Babylon is the World Financial System Economy).

Seeing Wall Street dead.  Stock Market Crash and saw the inside of the Trade Building and no numbers were running, no people, papers on the floor – completely stopped- weeks to months – no trade at all.

Saw Countries going to war with other Countries over Financial Debts owed.

Heading toward a One World Currency:

See China not being affected and taking the lead on the One World Currency, which is setting the stage for the One World Order and a Dictatorship making allowance for the Anti-Christ to rise upon the scene.


~ Jennifer Mars

Jennifer MarsJennifer Mars is a Minister from Syracuse, NY and is a Co-Founder of Zion International Ministries.


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