2012: A Timeline to Eternity (Part 2)


image icon In my last article (2012 : A Year Of Apprehension … Yet Divine Encounters) I made reference to the fact that I would put down some relevant facts that would substantiate the mystery surrounding this calendar date including both factual and theoretical as well as mystical information.

My intention is to stimulate your thinking and also challenge your perspective to search out the truth to find if there is any substance to these predictions. This in turn will hopefully enable you as an individual to read and assimilate what is now being published with increasing intensity as this calendar year has approached and finally arrived.

Some of you may be aware that Michael Drosnin in His book “The Bible Code” back around 1999 made significant references to the year 2012 whilst researching the Torah in conjunction with the Bible Code computer program.

His premise is that it spelled out the truth that 2012, will be a year when much calamity would befall earth and the individual nations, and world turmoil would initiate global war.

But Drosnin is not the only source from which we can deliberate concerning this date of 2012, there are innumerable others.

Not that I endorse the mystics who are in themselves sometimes enemies of Gods word, but the enemy also often recognizes much about Gods time clock and therefore sets about to hi-jack the truth from the people who should know better Christ’s church.

So I mention ones such as Nostradamus who also makes significant reference to 2012.

But there are many others in their prognostications that somehow gender the inference that there may be more to this than one gives it credit. For example did you know the Mayan people of ancient South America along with the Aztecs concluded that the calendar of time concerning this age and its end upon earth culminating in mans demise ends precisely on December the 21st, 2012.

As I have mentioned in several earlier issues of Omega times articles, which you may remember, I stated that the new United Nations calendar of time is due to begin subsequently replacing our Gregorian Calendar. It also is based around the Mayan calendar which has thirteen months and each month includes a moon cycle of twenty eight days. It is due to begin on the 1st  January 2013.

Since the end-date of the current Great Cycle of the Mayan calendar is in the year 2012, in order to survive the worst, humanity must shift to natural time and soon, the time for this shift is from July 26, 2004 through July 26, 2012, the Great Calendar Change Humanity must reject the current calendar and adopt the natural time Thirteen  Moon 28-day calendar.

imageCurrently serving as the President of the Foundation  the Law of Time the organization that promotes his cause – Argüelles was  honored on March 3, 2002 as “Valum Votan, Closer of the Cycle” by Nine  Indigenous Elders atop the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacán who awarded him a ceremonial staff for his efforts in helping to wake humanity up to the meaning of 2012… Visit the Foundation for the Law of Time

The mystics behind the change particularly Jose Arguelles its founder who by the way changed his name to the Mayan Gods name who visited him and gave him this revelation are steeped in demonic Mayan mysticism.

He changed his name and called himself in United Nation circles Valum Votan meaning the son of Pacal Votan, Mayan God of war and time.

The whole calendar itself is a departure from the biblical system of measurement (the cubit) which in turn is based around a digital measure of twelve replacing it with a humanistic and demonic measure of thirteen. It also is symbolic, in that time and humanity is now moving from the major accepted source of light the SUN to the suns reflective minor the moon which has no light of its own. It is not co-incidence that Daniel 7:25 states:

He shall speak (say or issue)H4449 great words (charges or decrees)H4406 against (or opposing)H6655 the most High (Divine)H5943 and shall wear out (beat down, waste, abuse thru intimidation)H1080 the saints (or sanctified ones)H6922 of the most High,H5946 He will think (intend or plan)H5452to change (alter or repeal)H8133 times (seasons or festivals)H2166 and laws (edicts or decrees) H1882 and they shall be given (delivered or yielded)H3052 into his hand (control or power)H3028 until a time, times and half a time.


This scripture informs us of a time when a man shall arise on the earth who will take it upon himself to change the times and festivals of Israel which is the God given calendar and who in turn will attempt to alter the seasons, this one is the antichrist who presents himself as a messiah with all deceivableness and flattery. Interesting indeed that it will happen according to Daniel at the end of time ……such a time as this time.

Now let me make mention of one major scientific fact here and that is the planetary alignment that takes place once every twenty six thousand years it takes place mid 2012.

All Satanic festivals and witchcraft sacrifices take place by the light of the moon (darkness) not the light of the sun and the greater the alignment of planets in mystical significance the more important the festival.

In the year of 2012, when the planets align,
they centre on the middle of the Milky Way
… and that is extremely rare. 

According to ancient Sumerian culture and archeology there is a as yet invisible planet on close orbital trajectory which will cause it to pass close to earth in 2012 It is bigger than earth and has a very strong magnetic pull which when aligned with the other planets has the potential to pull earth off its axis and most certainly according to scientists will change our weather patterns, creating huge volcanic activity, triggering earthquakes and tidal waves and even change earths magnetic polarity through a pole shift. This they predict is not scare mongering but a reality. The scientists assure me it is not a matter of if but when.

Planet X … The Mystery Planet

From the 1840s until deep into the 1980s, astronomy was haunted by a strange mystery. Something was not right with the orbits of the outer planets. Something really heavy seemed to be tugging at the outer planets Uranus and Neptune. Certain asteroids felt the mysterious pull, too. Must be an enormous planet out there, many astronomers assumed Or several planets, even this was how Planet X got its name: the term `X’ comes from the early-twentieth century astronomer Percival Lowell, best known for his study of the `canals’ on Mars. It all began with a tablet of clay, uncovered in the Near East many years ago. On the tablet, the Sumerians, the earliest known inhabitants of the Middle East, jotted down something that looked like a solar system. Earth was there, and Saturn, and Jupiter — as well as all other planets in order and size as we know them today. But there are supposed to be nine planets? The clay tablet clearly displays eleven. The tenth one could be the moon, or the newly discovered mini-planet Sedna. But that still leaves you with one planet too many. Weird ?

Not so N A S A has now acknowledged the appearance of another planet in a very wide and almost right angle trajectory to the others in our solar system which is now coming into view and will appear in 2012 causing a great pull on earths orbit and axis.

Then there is the issue of solar activity which will be immensely heightened as a result of the planetary alignment creating extreme sunspot activity and already the new solar cycle is being detected and calculated its peak will be in 2012. NASA solar-monitoring satellites – most of which are ironically scheduled to be out of service when the next solar maximum occurs in 2012 – NOAA National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration monitors the sun for signature radiation events.

image“The first signs will be spikes in optical radiation, X-rays and gamma radiation Then electro magnetic hell will break loose. “If it’s major, you’ll see a temporary shredding of the protective ozone layer. As the atmosphere becomes dense, satellites will lose orbital speed and hundreds may literally fall and burn up Cell phone satellites will Instantly quit working Lister said. Sunspot activity is governed by the solar cycle where the virtual polarity of the sun shifts every 22 years. The next solar maximum is forecast for 2012  … Purdue physicist Matthew Lister

The Old Hopi Indian elders also in North America are predicting a pole shift where earth will fall off its axis and nature will undergo a massive upheaval and cleanse itself. Incredibly governments around the world are preparing frantically for the inevitable crisis that will arise from such an event.

imageThey are building underground cities and bunkers for the survival of mankind and society as a whole. In Denmark and Sweden underground bunkers are being built to house every kind of seed and resource necessary in a future world after such a crisis as mentioned. The USA and many other countries are building facilities that will enable them to move below the surface in safety considering a likely pole shift or massive earthquake or maybe super volcano even global tidal wave.

It is very interesting to me that once again the Word Of God tells us in Isaiah 24.20 that the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunken man it shall fall from its axis and shall fall over never to rise again.

Call it what you will but that is exactly what a pole shift is when the crust of the earth swings off its axis allowing the poles to change place. I find it also very interesting to say the least that the Book of Revelation informs us that when the Lord comes to judge the earth there will be a massive earthquake causing the earths crust to distort  (Isaiah 24:1) and triggering many Islands to sink into the sea as well as floods and tidal waves.

A further interesting fact to consider is this, The Book of Revelation tells us, men will make their homes in the rocks and holes of the ground where they will try and hide from the wrath of God which is coming. But it will be to no avail as the rocks will fall in on them and they will be destroyed.

The old German sage who wrote the Sanctus Germanus prophecies also names 2012 as the year of major upheaval concluding our time upon earth.

The ancient Egyptian Kolbrin Bible names 2012 as the climaxing year of humanity when a planetary alignment of great significance precipitates a shower of stars or asteroids from heaven resulting in a major upheaval because of the magnetic influence of these planets upon earths gravitational field.

Poet Mother Shipton who lived in the fourteenth century in England and who was burnt at the stake for being a witch, mentioned the end of the nineteenth century when certain things would prevail on earth and then said:

“Those who live this century through, in fear and trembling this will do, they’ll flee to mountains and into dens to bog and forest and wild fens, for seas will rage and oceans roar then Gabriel will stand on sea and shore, and as He blows his wondrous horn this old world will die and a new be born.”

Astronomers and astrophysicists point out that another unusual alignment also takes place and that is the fact that in mid 2012 there is another significant transit of Venus at that time.

2012 … The End of the Age

The Greeks called the End of the Age the SUNTELIA AION Ancient historians and especially Plato referred to a cycle of catastrophe at the End of the Age.

imageThe AION was symbolized by the Ouroboros the serpent swallowing its tail the serpent is signified as the Milky Way and where the alignment of the planets crosses it at the very centre.

The Milky Way Galaxy is the inspiration for the symbol of the Ouroboros. Myth referring to a serpent of light residing in the heavens.

The Milky Way is this serpent, and viewed at galactic central point near Sagittarius on December the 21st 2012.

Cherokee Calendar …… in the Year 2012 exactly the Cherokee Calendar Ends. And all is reborn. For the Feathered Rattlesnake comes and shall be seen in the heavens from the year 2004 to 2012. http://www.think-aboutit.com/native/CherokeeProphecies.htm

Q’ero Inca Shamans ……The shamans in Peru tell us that we are approaching the Pacha Cuti, which means, literally ‘the world turned upside down’.(pole shift) They say that it will arrive in the year 2012.  Link

Hindu Calendar  ……. Golden Age will start 5,000 years after the beginning of the Kali Yuga, and will last for 10,000 years. Based on Hindu calendars today is about 5100 solar years from the time when the Kali Yuga started. Golden Age could happen in 2012.

New Zealand Maori Elders on 2012

Basically the legend follows you and I are so busy, so distracted with fighting, with greed, with lust etc, so separated from our origins having lost our links with the natural order of things the gods will come down…destroying everything in the process. 2012 seems to be the year the old ‘kaumatua’ (tribal elders) say. One said “Ka hinga te arai“ …the rest agreed. hinga = to fall arai = “The curtain will fall, I originally deduced he meant Final curtain end of the world  until I did more digging into the origins of those two words. A kaumatua (elder) an ‘old school’ Maori…knowledgeable in the ancient ways, the ,  old original language…or ‘tuturu Maori’ , those two words (hinga and arai) mean slightly different things. hinga = to dissolve/to be removed/ to fade arai = veil / thin separation ‘arai’ is the main word.

When people die, Maori say they have gone ‘ki muri i te arai’.. they have gone ‘behind the veil’…passed over so to speak. So , ‘arai’ actually means like a ‘separator’ between the physical world/plane and the spiritual world/plane. So – ‘ka hinga te arai’ in old Maori means (as closely at it can interpreted in English) The removal/dissolving of the planes separator…basically the MERGING of the physical and spiritual planes.

imageMy summary is this, in the light of these words from various sources, there seems to be some very pertinent agreement amongst them yet the only reason I refer to other mystical sources is not to validate their information but to point out what God has said in His word.

He has declared and set a particular time when he will judge the world in righteousness.

I believe that the whole of nature is aware of that time, and God in his mercy toward mankind chooses to reveal to all and sundry his intent, so that no one is without warning.

Without a doubt a major crisis is coming very close so we need to define our position very clearly as to what is impending and as to where we individually respond if at all, then decide how we are to make our stand and then prepare our hearts and lives for a coming purging of human motives.


For more publications from Pastor Brian Hay, please see OmegaTimes.com

Link to The Omega Times website Pastor Brian Hay is a Director of Signpost Ministries International and of The Omega Times.   As a prophet and teacher, Pastor Brian ministers to the nations of the world as The LORD leads him.


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